The GeeksverseIntrepids #3

Intrepids #3
Published on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 by

Created & Written by: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Created & Art by: Scott Kowalchuk
Colors: Donna Gregory
Letters: Ariana Maher
Cover Art: Kowalchuk

This issue shows some of the past of the Intrepids and especially Dante. And what we learn definately shines a different light on everything we’ve thought up until now.

We learn that Dante wasn’t considering a great scientist by his peers, he was Koi’s lab assistant. And we also see that the scientists that he’s sent the Intrepids after might be those peers.

There’s alot going on, and none of it is good for the little family that makes up the Intrepids.

Wiebe covers alot of ground with this issue. We see the bond between Crystal and Rose, as Crystal starts to wonder why she is doing this. Rose’s motives are quite so complex. The Intrepids are her family and thats why she’s there. Crystal, it appears, has a right to wonder about Dante.

You start to wonder if the Intrepids are there to take out Dante’s competition.

The characters are nicely developed. Each of them is unique and has some interesting characteristics. This series has a certain charm to it, something unique and different. Wiebe and Kowalchuk play up that something different.

There’s a sense of danger, of menace. But there’s also a sense of fun.

This issue is short on action, most of it coming in a sparring session between Crystal and Rose, but it’s strong on story. And that story is very interesting.

The art is very nice. It’s a style all it’s own. The females are “real”, real in a sense that they aren’t the statuesque and picture perfect models that you normally see in comics. But at the same time there is an attractiveness to them.

Kowalchuk’s pages are nicely laid out. The action and story flows naturally with no glaring jumps. The characters are well rendered and well detailed.

I really like the effect that is given to Jonah’s captions.

Intrepids #3 receives
4.5 out of 5

Another solid issue of this series. It’s one worth picking up.

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