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Red Sonja #56
Published on Friday, May 6, 2011 by

I have to be honest, I first picked this up just because of the Paul Renard cover. I love Paul Renard covers.

But then I read it and it wasn’t bad.

The story is pretty strong and there’s a recap page at the beginning that brings you up to speed so even a new reader, someone that hasn’t read a Red Sonja book, knows what the various cities and people are and what their relation to Sonja is. The recap page is nicely done as well. It’s a typical recap page, like Marvels, but it also ties directly into the opening action.

Trautman’s script is pretty strong. There’s not much dialogue and he relies on narration to describe how Sonja is feeling and other actions. The narration is third person and it’s written as if it’s excerpts from the Lost Nemedian Chronicle. So it feels as if we are seeing the story reenacted as it’s read. It’s a nice way to tell this story.

This issue is about Sonja trying to escape men that are hunting her for her actions in previous issues and a scheme that apparently went very badly for her. It shows how pragmatic she is, but at the same time how there is a true heroine inside her. Her motivations are a mystery to her, just like they are to us. Does she take the job for revenge? Money? To curry favor? All of the above? It gives us a mysterious character who we watch and wonder at her every move and why she does it.

Salonga’s art is nice in appearance. He nails the look of the time and setting. The detail of the armor, swords and buildings is all there. It’s a little too clean, but it’s still all there. He manages to keep Sonja from going into total cheesecake mode. Her outfit is believable and her body fits the warrior that she is.

Where Salonga’s art fails is in the movement of the characters. It’s awkward. They don’t flow and move properly. The proportions are there. They aren’t posed awkwardly, it’s just in how they move from one panel to another.

Red Sonja #56 receives
3.5 out of 5

Good story with decent art that falls flat in a couple areas.

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