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Epic & Dynagirl FCBD
Published on Sunday, May 8, 2011 by

Published by: ComixTribe w/ Red Handed Studios
Written by: Tyler James & Cary Kelley
Art by: Matt Zolman
Colored by: Ty Tyner

Epic is the story of a young man given incredible powers except they are tied to certain parts of his brain and when he gets attracted or aroused to a woman, he loses his powers. Epic is from ComixTribe. Dynagirl is about a superhero single mom. It’s published online and in collected editions from Red Handed Studios.

This special FCBD offering takes the two characters and teams them up, as well as shows some of the other offerings coming from ComixTribe. In effect, it does exactly what a FCBD offering should: introduce you to the characters and make you want to buy more.

The main story, the team-up between Epic and Dynagirl, serves as a good introduction to the two characters. We see both of them in action, get a feel for who they are as heroes, as well as some of their personalities. And since Dynagirl is a MILF, we see the effect she has on Epic’s powers.

There’s a nice take on Voltron that’s pretty funny.

The story is light but fun.

Zolman’s art is very nice. The colors by Tyner are nice and bright. And both fit the style of the story. They give it a nice and bright feel. This is not meant to be a dark super hero, it’s fun and it shows.

The 54 page special also contains pages featuring Dynagirl from Red Handed Studios (as well as covers for upcoming issues), The Standard and Runners from ComixTribe as well as preview of Epic #1. The Epic is unlettered and black and white.

The others look like they are pulled straight from the first issues (The Standard and Runners) and current issues (Dynagirl) and give a good look at those three series. The Standard looks especially interesting and Dynagirl looks like it would be an enjoyable read. I especially liked how artist Harold Edge shows Dynagirl dealing with Amanda’s powers.

Dynagirl updates every Tuesday and Thursday at
For more on Red Handed Studios, visit their website.

For more on Epic, The Standard, Runners and other books, visit ComixTribe.

This issue is available free on the Pryde.

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