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Ron English’s Big Top Popaganda
Published on Sunday, May 8, 2011 by

Published by: Creator's Edge Press
Written & Art by: Ron English
Additional Design Work, Coloring and Editing by: Beau Stanton, Randy Johnson & Tarssa Yazdani

I’m not quite sure what to make of this special. There’s a short story, a couple of pages of some poems and lots and lots of spoof ads.

The story is kind of funny. It’s about a Clown that runs a freakshow that finds an alien. The alien wants to fatten up humanity so his race can eat us. So he convinces the clow to open up a chain of fast food joints called Buddha Burger. The alien gets as fat as the rest of us and can’t return home and turns out that his people end up going on a health food kick and don’t want to eat fat human anymore, it’s unhealthy.

The story is twisted and somewhat funny. The art style fits the tone. It’s got a Mad magazine kind of feel to it. The point, or what I guess was the point, being about fast food and unhealthy gets lost when the Clown mentions that there was another chain that started in California that copied the Buddha Burger idea except their clown spokesperson was skinny.

The ads are funny. There’s alot of pot jokes, a take on the Garbage Pail Kids and some I’m guessing anti-war fake ads. The art and the design of the ads is spot on. They really do resemble the originals. It’s a nice job on those. I think the idea behind it all escapes me though.

Ron English’s Big Top Popaganda receives
3.5 out of 5

It’s well designed. I think the overall idea escapes me but someone else might dig it.

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