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464 pages of zombie martial arts
Published on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 by

As far as anyone knows there is only one place to find 464 continous pages of zombie martial arts action: Infinite Kung Fu! Infinite Kung Fu is epically lengthed by auteur Kagan McLeod. McLeod pulls together kung fur, horror, and oddly enough Western films to push concepts and genres to the splatters edge. This Top Shelf comic drops the hero, Li Kung, into a world besiged by zombies led by a brutal emperor and the kung fu armies. Of course the hero must save the planet by mastering kung fu, which means mastering ones self, and then kicking undead butt.

A preview is available from comics alliance. They are hosting a whopping 20 pages of this black and white comic. If you still want more then read the first 200 pages for free! Top Shelf is currently hosting the first 200 pages (just under half) of the kung fu horror western on their own website. If you still want more then pre-order this book!

Kagan McLeod, bringer of the kung fu zombies, has created comics for The National Post, New York Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Golf Digest, Feathertale Review, and contributed a JFK story for a graphic novel called Our Murdered Presidents. Infinite Kung Fu proves that McLeod is a fan of genre cinema. His full length graphic novel is a celebration of the genre defying movies of the 70s. Action flicks need no categories and this 464 page zombie kick down proves that action lasts past death.

Be sure to jump over to the Pryde Forum to discuss all of the genre bending action.

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