The GeeksverseBirds of Prey #12

Birds of Prey #12
Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 by

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Jesus Saiz
Colored by: Nei Ruffino
Lettered by: Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Art: Jesus Saiz
Assistant Editor: Katie Kubert
Editor: Janelle Asselin

I had to look at the credits twice. This issue just felt and read differently then the previous 11 issues of this second run of Birds Of Prey. I had never read Gail Simone’s work on the previous series and had liked this second series but it wasn’t as good as the BoP I had remembered, the Chuck Dixon penned issues. I had liked it, had enjoyed some issues, but over all it just didn’t feel right. There was an incompletness to it. It’s hard to describe but it wasn’t living up to what I had expected after hearing the praise for the previous Gail Simone Birds of Prey run.

But this issue? This issue is good. It’s very good. It feels and reads differently. It’s more cohesive in how the characters interact with eachother. It’s just more cohesive. It took awhile but it seems that Simone has finally found her groove on this title.

I still don’t understand the whole “death of Oracle” thing. She’s still operating as Oracle, but only for the Birds.

This issue is well crafted and well paced. We see two threads that converge at one meaning. And Simone brings back one of the creepiest villians to ever grace a comics page, Junior.

There’s a Mission Impossible feel to it, as Black Canary and Dove sneak into the building. With Oracle counting them down, it really feels like a covert operations unit. And the banter between Huntress and the Question is well done. It comes across as two old friends.

Saiz is billed as the regular artist on this book and it really needs one. There really hasn’t been a regular artist since like the third issue and I think the book has suffered for it. The artist helps set the tone and Saiz helps give this one a more serious feel then previous issues. And it’s one that works.

He does a good job with the characters. All the woman look tough and athletic, but none are stylized. They are all good looking, but not overly so. The panels flow smoothly with good layouts and storytelling.

Birds of Prey #12 receives
4 out of 5

Why couldn’t the previous of issues be like this one?

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