The GeeksverseFlashpoint #1

Flashpoint #1
Published on Friday, May 13, 2011 by

Written by: Geoff Johns
Penciled by: Andy Kubert
Inked by: Sandra Hope
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Nick J. Naplitano
Cover Art: A- Andy Kubert w/ Sandra Hope and Alex Sinclair; B- Ivan Reis w/ George Perez & Rod Reis
Editor: Adam Schlagman & Rex Ogle

I have to admit, right off the bat, that I am not a fan of alternate reality stories. Normally they leave out vital parts of the story, at least what I consider vital. So a big event alternate reality like this one really has to make an impression.

Flashpoint starts off a bit read. It’s someone else talking about Barry Allen. At first it seems as if it’s Barry talking, but then we find out it’s someone talking about him. It’s an odd way to start it off. But the story fairly quickly recovers.

Johns does good with the “fish out of water” aspects of the story as Barry Allen wakes up and doesn’t know anything about this reality. Things are vastly different here and he’s confused. He also seems powerless. Johns does good laying the groundwork for the world. We learn about many of the changes by discussions between characters and news reports in the background. It’s a good way to do it, we don’t get slammed with alot of talk and history lessons. This allows the story to keep moving as well as provide us with the vital information.

I know the parts with Cyborg and Batman are needed to give the overall story more elements and juice, but they seem out of place and odd in the overall structure. Using Barry to discover this new world works. But with Cyborg and Batman we are thrown into the deep end and have to play catch-up. It’s a bump in the overwise very smooth layout of the story.

The shock at the end isn’t really that shocking. Nothing in the story leads up to it, but it makes sense if you are going to do a Batman that is different. There’s only so many ways can do alternate reality Bruce Wayne Batmen. This way is something new but the shock isn’t as much as it possibly could be because it’s not that far from left field.

The hook of this series is in Barry trying to find out what is going on. Why is the world different and why is he the only one that remembers it. Unless you majorly invested in the DC characters, it’s not much of a hook to build an event series off of. Maybe future issues will show why this is such an event and not a storyarc like the recent Age of X.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Andy Kubert art, but he’s always been one of my favorites. I’ve always enjoyed how different Andy and Adam Kubert are from each other and yet can see their father’s influence in both their work. Hope is a new inker for Andy and she brings a softer feel to his work. In the past he’s had a harder edge to his work but Hope softens it. It’s still top notch work from Kubert.

Flashpoint #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

If the entire issue had been Barry-centric, having the “fish out of water” feel, then it would have graded higher.

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