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New Mutants #25
Published on Friday, May 13, 2011 by

Written by: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by: Leandro Fernandez
Colors: Andres Mossa
Letters: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: A- Marko Djurdjevic; B- Arthur Adams w/ Peter Steigerwald; C- Jorge Molina
Assistant Editors: Sebastian Girner
Editor: Nick Lowe

A new creative team takes over New Mutants.

I like the way DnA starts this issue. Most of the time when a new creative team takes over they trash whatever part of the cast they want and do an almost reboot, only taking the parts of the story that they want. DnA remove part of the cast, but they do it in a way that builds off the previous story. In fact they use the previous storylines as the foundation for theirs. It’s a refreshing way to see a new creative team take over a book.

They remove Sam, Shan and Illyana from the cast but the way they do so makes sense within the context of the end of the previous stories. They even build on the kiss that Sam and Dani shared.

This is the way that new creative teams should take over books. They take what was there before and they build off of it.

The story doesn’t focus on all of the New Mutants, just a select few, but of those few it shows that DnA has a handle on the cast. I really like Sam’s explanation of why he was the one to lead the team when they were younger and now it’s Dani’s turn.

The New Mutants need a reason to be together as a team in this new era of mutantkind. The previous reason was for Illyana, but now DnA gives them a good reason to be a permenant strikeforce for the mutants on Utopia. Cyclops gives them a mission and it’s a good one.

In a way it makes perfect sense. The New Mutants were first brought together to someday be the next X-Men. So in a way it’s almost full circle for them to now come together to take care of the X-Men’s unfinished business.

I like Fernandez’s art but after the work that Leonard Kirk did, it’s a drastic change. There’s a couple of really strong panels and sequances, especially the Dani/Sam interactions. Fernandez nails those. But there’s some sequances, especially during the fight at the beginning and end, where the storytelling isn’t as strong. There’s some proportion issues but overall the work is decent.

New Mutants #25 receives
4 out of 5

The art isn’t as strong as previous but the way the new creative team takes over is refreshing and keeps the story continuous.

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