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ZFW: Zombies of Foreign Wars
Published on Sunday, May 15, 2011 by

I’m tired of zombie tales. For me to enjoy any new zombie tale it has to be something different or have a killer story. ZFW isn’t really that different and the story is alright, but damn if it’s not fun.

The story isn’t deep. Emo kids cast a spell and bring the dead to life. A bunch of old vets from the VFW mount a resistance and head off to warn others and get some help. Zombies awake and start killing.

The fun is in the characters. They’re just fun to read. Cantrell has nailed the attitudes of the old vets. These are guys that have spent alot of time in the blood and mud and now find themselves with nothing to do. It’s an attitude that you can find at any old VFW around town, old vets reliving their “glory” days. And even with all the joking and insulting, Cantrell does good showing that these are man that belong to a brotherhood, that once the action starts they have your back.

To them the zombie invasion is a chance to relive their old soldier-ing days.

It’s still a zombie tale though. Hopefully Cantrell can keep the fun going in the later issues.

The art is decent. Sunday has a good grasp of storytelling. The panels flow smoothly with the action. He pays attention to the details. There’s one panel specifically showing someone clipping keys to their belt and it becomes important later. His characters are well proportioned and look like real people, at least the vets. The emo kids looked like bad stereotypes. The perspective loses it a bit in the first zombie attacks, weird angles and odd shots.

For a book about zombies, the zombies aren’t very detailed. The actions of the zombies, the bites, beheadings, etc.. are appropiately bloody but the zombies themselves seem lacking.

ZFW: Zombies of Foreign Wars receives
3.5 out of 5

Yet another zombie tale but the characters in this one save it.

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