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Batman Beyond #5
Published on Monday, May 16, 2011 by

Industrial Revolution #1 pits Terry McGinnis against his first major villain again. Terry has fought several of his old TV show villains in the revamped miniseries and on going title, but now the creators are going back to his first real villain that he could call his own.

This comic opens with Paxton Powers being mysteriously released from prison. Paxton and Terry have had their own run-ins in the past so Terry is naturally suspicious. Detective work ensues. The last page reveal of the true villain behind the scenes brings a certain radioactive fiend back to life in a new form: Blight!

Counterpoint to Terry’s detective story is Bruce’s corporate problems. Union negotiations are breaking down and riots are breaking out around Gotham. Terry helps squelch a riot, but Bruce faces off with the negotiator. It is classic tight jawed Bruce making demands. That scene seemed to hint at a few up coming issues in future issues.

It was nice to see Bruce stop playing fetch with Ace, although that is fun, and get out of the cave again.

Industrial Revolution part 1 is a good start to the next story arc. I’m still continually impressed by how they are weaving together the new stories with the TV show. Batastic! I’m still less impressed with the art. Ace’s ears are floppy. Bruce’s aged facial lines are overdone. ‘eh on the art. Overall it is a fun read.

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Adam Beechen writer
Ryan Benjamin penciler
John Stanisci inker
David Baron colorist
Travis Lanham letterer
Dustin Nguyen cover
Chris Conroy editor
Batman created by Bob Kane

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