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Chew #27 (from the future!)
Published on Monday, May 16, 2011 by

Chew #27 rolls out right after Chew #18, because it is from the far flung future of 2012 (or there abouts). Leave it to the creative team behind Chew to jump ahead and grab an issue from a year in the future to sell now. This comic may seem as if it is utterly chaotic but stunts like this prove that it has a tight plan.

Have you checked out the preview yet?

Chew is in a hospital bed and we will find out why in four or five more issues. This issue is heavily focused on his NASA employed sister, Toni. As it turns out Toni can read the future by biting people. Still a strange family tree.

This issue also introduces Chogs which are frog chicken hybrids designed to get around the fowl ban which is central to the comics odd premise. Chogs are funny looking creatures, but in this case they are also psychedelic and fast breeding. That is not a good combination for back room chicken restaurants.

This comic series has a nice mix of humor and action. The story telling seems both witty and serious. The art backs that opinion up with exaggerated cartoony flair and copious jokes drawn into the background. The scripts must have some sort of overall plan and goal, because Layman and Guillory can weave not only future issues in, but also tie ins to previous issues and relatives of characters deftly. Toni of course was featured in the family heavy Chew #15, but her NASA job keeps pulling in observation towers that remind the reader about events far before.

Next issue: 19?

The Chew Script Book is still available. This is a perfect comic bonus if you want to see how John Layman creates the world of Chew for Rob Guillory to whip up into odd master pieces.

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