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Magdalena #6
Published on Monday, May 16, 2011 by

The church’s warrior versus the antichrist? Possibly, but most likely not in the way that was anticipated last issue, although the villain of this issue could be the prince of lies so it is hard to tell what role the child has in this story.

This Magdalena story arc has been a nice build up with a weak resolution. If that was really Satan that showed up then his inclusion was under used. If that was another random demon filling in as a fake Satan then it was anti-climatic. The fact that it is not truly resolved is a problem. I suppose it could set up room for them to go a number of different directions after this arc, but I am not feeling confident that it will be a strong story point in the future.

This arc does keep the Magdalena as the woman we have known for a while. Although, honestly, would anyone have cared that much if she was killed off and replaced? Cardinal Innocent has a replacement waiting in the wings, someone who is a little more cooperative.

The best part of this arc, and the resolving issue #6, is that it keeps Innocent looking anything but innocent. His mechanization will come to fruition in the future and that will be a strong story point.

The Rayn Sook cover is nice. He’ll be at the Charlotte Heroes Con in a few weeks. I’ll have to get a copy signed. The interior art by Nelson Blake II is consistent with the rest of the series. The story is okay but not much of a sell on its own. I will be curious to see where Ron Marz heads from here.


32 PAGES, FC, $3.99

Patience Confronts the Anti-Christ!
The moment Patience has been dreading has arrived. Slaying demons and battling evil cult members is righteous. Rebelling against a Church hierarchy she knows is corrupt is virtuous. But now, faced with executing a young boy who may bring about the end of the world, Patience will discover how far she’s willing to go to wield the Spear of Destiny and bear the mantle of Magdalena…

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