The Geeksverse28 Days Later #23 – Advanced Review

28 Days Later #23 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 by

The movie 28 Days Later was on the forefront of the zombie movie revival. Since then the zombie has been used everywhere from movies, comics, to selling Civics. 28 Days Later is producing a consistent comic as an addendum to its successful movie franchise. Like Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, this comic is covering a longer span of time than any movie could span.

Issue 23 opens in London. Fifteen thousand frightened people crammed into a parking garage could never be seen as safe. The military locking the people in has few answers. Janice is shot. Charles and Clint have to keep going. Survivors must survive. Selena catches up to Clint.

Check it out on 5-18-2011 at a comic shop near you.

Issue by issue this has the same slow pacing of Walking Dead. As a long running comic the survivors must face many of the same hardships as the band of survivors in Walking Dead. The infected of 28 Days Later have yet to erase the entire population, but enough of humanity has been threatened that humanity is breaking down.

Based on the Film 28 Days Later, produced by Andrew MacDonald, written by Alex Garland, and directed by Danny Boyle. Comic writer Michael Alan Nelson, artist Alejandro Aragon, colorist Nolan Woodard, letterer Johnny Lowe, with a cover by Sean Phillips. Editor Ian Brill.

Finally in London, Clint and Selena find themselves driven apart by a secret from Selena’s past. And as the so-called “peace” created by the military slips away, one question will rise from the ashes: are the Clint and Selena more powerful together…or apart? If you loved the 28 DAYS LATER movies, this is the comic book you should be reading!

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