The GeeksverseDarkwing Duck #12 – Advanced Review

Darkwing Duck #12 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 by

When there’s trouble call D.W. The F.O.W.L. Disposition story arc ends with the rise of Duckthulu. Darkwing Duck and Steelbeak’s uneasy alliance was ended already, and Darkwing was left strapped to an alter at the end of last issue, so now Darkwing must turn to another masked vigilante, Gosalyn, for help. Unfortunately Honker, Arrow Kid, and Gosalyn may not be able to resist the draw of Duckthulu that is pulling the towns people in wearing tentacles.

When there’s magic trouble, call Morgana!

Spies, jet packs, and magic this is a cool all ages funny book. The action is child friendly but large. The story is fun. As an arc ender this may not be the best jumping on point, but overall it has become a fun all ages story arc. This is another issue continuing success for Ian Brill and Kaboom! comics.

Writer: Ian Brill
Artist: James Silvani
Colorist: Lisa Moore
Letterer: Deron Bennett
Editor: Christopher Burns
Cover A: James Silvani
Cover B: Amy Mebberson

The epic can’t-miss conclusion of “F.O.W.L. Disposition!” Will the diabolical Duckthulu rise from the depths or will Darkwing Duck devise a way to detour the dreadful destruction? All this and more alliteration as the celebrated team Ian Brill and James Silvani hilariously put the “dark” in Darkwing Duck!

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