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Science Dog #2
Published on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 by

The back up story Science Dog is collected in another full length comic. In this issue Science Dog takes a bite out of being a child friendly story.

Science Dog was a character that Kirkman pitched to Image Comics, it was turned down, but the pitch gained him a shot at writing Super Patriot for Erik Larsen. After that came Tech Jacket, Invincible, and Walking Dead in quick succession. Two of the three became hits while the other became fondly remembered. Kirkman introduced the character of Science Dog as a comic character within the Invincible world. One of the joys of working with a teenage superhero is that he can be a comic reader. Every twenty five issues was marked by including a taste of Science Dog as back up stories.

Issue #2 finishes up the released back up stories thus far. Kirkmaniacs will buy this soley for the cover and the chance to add another piece to the collection. The cover is a signature friendly cover ready for convention season.

Cory Walker’s art is great. It is consistent which is what the world has come to expect from the veteran artist.

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