The GeeksverseG.I. Joe ARAH #166

G.I. Joe ARAH #166
Published on Thursday, May 19, 2011 by

This comic shows the importance of a good cover artist. Have you checked out the preview yet?

Overall, my respect for Hama has not changed, he did create this Joeverse that I enjoy, but I keep thinking I should drop this title from my monthly buy list and replace it instead with more of the Civil War. I prefer how the story has potential to build and layer in different directions with the title cross over event. Hama’s story is not slow in comparison. He is pulling in tons of characters and vehicles month to month.

This month has a hand full of aquatic Joes, Cobras, and vehicles peppered in. The water fight is as action packed as the air fight from the previous month. The artist delivers great shots and views of the battle behind the water spray and under the waves. Destro’s private guard look nice.

I do like the lack of ninjas in this issue. That is a nice change. I hope the ninjas stay light in the next few months. Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, and Billy should just go off to the mountain cabin and stay out of the way for a while.

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