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Rex Zombie Killer
Published on Thursday, May 19, 2011 by

Online comics has brought us a plethora of crazy online comics, likeSubculture or Dr.McNinja then check out this new upcoming printcomic: Rex Zombie Killer. Some of that energy is collected on the print page. The upcoming Rex Zombie Killer is described as Homeward Bound with zombies? Is this a spoof on the zombie genre or a straight forward bat-wielding gorilla fighting zombies? Check out the Facebook to find out. Or stop by Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC to meet writer Rob Anderson and find out. If that is not enough access, then check out the podcast.

The art, as viewed below, is tight. This book has gruesome zombies and cute talking animals together. That is an odd pair up.

The “zero” issue preview of Rex, Zombie Killer will be debuting at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC on June 3-5, 2011 for only $1.00. The zero issue contains the very first five page Rex story, written by Rob Anderson (Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit), with cover and interior art by DaFu Yu (Great Zombies in History, Grimm Fairy Tales), and lettering, logo, and book design by E.T. Dollman (Caleido Comics, FemForce). Cover colors are by Paolo Chaz Gomez. A 3 page preview is available from host PandaDogPress.

This is not PadDogPress’ first time at Heroes Con in Charlotte. They’ve been in attendance since 2009 when they were pushing the comics experience anthology. The anthology included a bizarre animal control unit.

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