The GeeksverseAlpha Flight #0.1

Alpha Flight #0.1
Published on Friday, May 20, 2011 by

Written by: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Penciled by: Ben Olvier w/ Dan Green
Colors: Frank Martin
Letters: Simon Bowland
Cover Art: Phil Jimenez w/ Frank D'Armata
Assistant Editor: Jake Thomas
Editor: Mark Paniccia

I know that the Chaos War brought Alpha Flight back to life but why wasn’t there any indication of that in this story? It seems like it just picks up where previous stories left off. The Flight is back and working for Department H. None of the characters make reference to being returned from the dead. The only indication we get that they were gone is Guardian and Vindicator talking about having to get their daughter back.

And the lack of in-filling doesn’t stop there. Gary Cody is running for Prime Minister and Guardian and Vindicator act like they know him. But we’re not given a recap of just who he was and what he meant to the team.

As such, this doesn’t really work as a jumping on point for new readers. But for old school Flight fans? THey can enjoy jumping in head first and enjoy the water.

Except there needs to be some comment on where they’ve been, what they were doing, etc.. Especially with Marrina. Why is she so vicious and mean all of a sudden? When did she get a personality change?

The story by Pak and Van Lente is pretty by-the-numbers. We see the various team members in action. We get some interaction with Northstar and why he hasn’t joined the Flight. But again there’s no mention of what Northstar has been up to. No mention of his time with the X-Men, which he still belongs to, and he doesn’t even wear his X-Men uniform.

And what a coincedance that he just happens to be in town when a crisis goes down. And if he turned Guardian down, and didn’t rejoin the Flight, why does he have one of the communicators? And did that meter maid, who just happened to coincedently be where a crisis was going to go down, end up being Snowbird? That sequance was hard to follow.

This story serves no purpose but to reintroduce the team to fans that already knew them. It’s decent but nothing groundshaking.

The art by Oliver is decent as well. His characters are strong, but in some cases they are lacking. The end splash with the team posing for the cameras is off. Snowbird has no arms.

And the panels where he shadows everything, so he doesn’t have to show detail, are distracting. It’s not a good technique.

Alpha Flight #0.1 receives
3.5 out of 5

As a fan it’s a nice re-introduction to the team, but I would have liked to have seen some more attention paid to continuity.

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