The GeeksverseFlash Back Review: Captain America #269 (May 1982)

Flash Back Review: Captain America #269 (May 1982)
Published on Friday, May 20, 2011 by

Captain America’s red, white and blue star spangled introduction of Marvel’s motorcycle sensation Team America.

Team America is a fictional superhero/motorcycle team from the Marvel Comics. They first appeared in Captain America #269 (May 1982) as Team America and were created by J. M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck and were first known as the Thunderiders in Thing #27. They were created by Marvel Comics to help a toy company sell non-Evil Knievel toys. The toy company had molds for more Knievel toys, a pair of riders specifically. One of the riders would be star spangled and the other would be a dark rider. Unfortunately, the toy line hit a snag Knievel served six months for battery in the late 1970s. The toy line needed rebranding to use the same molds and designs. Marvel provided Team America which later had a 12 issue series battling Hydra, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Stark Industries, and Captain America. However, the high wheeling fun launched in Captain America #269 in 1982 before the 1983 launch of their own series.

In #269 Captain America is still struggling to become Steve Rogers and have more of a life out from under the mask. The comic opens with love interests, neighbors, and other threads that are continued in other comics but not continued past the cowl here.

Captain America jumps on the motorcycle and heads to a charity event. The professional riders, Team America, push Cap to his riding limits. Fun panels of swoosh. Then they are all spirited away to fight androids in a fake town. S.H.I.E.L.D. clean up the mess as everyone rides into the sunset.

Fun 1982 comic.

Oddly, this comic predates the Team America series, but must occur somewhere amorphously in the middle of the series run. Team America begins before the team is together and before they can afford the red, white, and blue star non-Kineval outfits.

After Team America ran its course, which did not translate to high sales, the team became Thunder Riders with even more emphasis on their latent mutant tendencies, however they disappeared into obscurity. When Deadpool Team-Up highlighted US1, another toy lisence product comic, I was hoping he’d find his way into Team America or Thunder Riders but he never did.

This comic, Cap 269, is a cheap bargain find. It is still a fun read.

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