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Jack Staff (Image First Reprint) #1
Published on Friday, May 20, 2011 by

Image Firsts one dollar reprints are a great way to check out a series that you might have missed. Jack Staff is one of those series that I have missed in the past but decided to check out for a buck.
Jack Staff is a British superhero created by comic book writer/artist Paul Grist, billed “Britain’s Greatest Hero,” it was created originally to use stories that Grist had written for Marvel’s Union Jack. The tag line, “Britain’s Greatest” seems to be a reaction to that rejection. The comic is known for being in the style of an anthology title and for its multi-linear plotlines. Jack Staff was originally printed by Grist’s Dancing Elephant Press, but is now published by Image Comics.

Jack Staff #1 picks up medias res with a secret organization facing a problem. Apparently Jack Staff was a great hero that disappeared twenty years prior. The story goes on to explain, Silver Age style, what happened to the missing greatest hero. That is followed by an episode of Tom Tom the Robot Man. On and on the short barrage of Silver Age comics goes.

If you’ve previously enjoyed Erik Larsen’s Silver Streak Comics or J. Gonzo‘s La Mano del Destinos then Jack Staff may be something you’re interested in.

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