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Captain Power Returns
Published on Monday, May 23, 2011 by

If it happens on Facebook, then it must be official. quotes the official facebook page to reveal that Captain Power is returning.

Check out the returns website for a nice link over to the official looking Facebook page. Could this news be more TV rebooting news that brought Wonder Woman and Hulk TV news? Will Captain Power tank like so many other reboot shows? Not much information besides the Facebook page is out there on the world wide wire.

According to an Official Facebook Fan Page that recently popped up for the cult science-fiction television show Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, the criminally underrated (and forgotten) series is finally on track for a DVD release in 2012. And based on a five minute documentary excerpt on the show and bevy of behind the scenes photos posted on the page, it is a good bet the set will include a some hefty special features.

Captain Power was a snazzy toy-tie-in TV show that is fondly remembered by fans. The gimmick that fans loved parents hated. Parents were outraged by the toys which played along with TV and VHS episodes. It would be hard to imagine Captain Power without the toy line. The Batman batmobile that learned phrases from watching the TV show was not outcried by parents, so perhaps it is a good time for a toy return.

Prices of Captain Power toys on ebay are sure to rise when a DVD is released. Everyone will need a power station and a few jets to sit on the couch and shoot their TV set. Grab your used toys before the prices rise.

What would you like to see from a Captain Power reboot?

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