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Grant Morrison discusses Batman Covers
Published on Monday, May 23, 2011 by

DCU Blog features Grant Morrison discussing Batman Covers. Besides the discussion by Morrison, the blog entries also features the following sketches and progress shots of the covers. Grant Morrison has been criticized by many fans for changing the tone of the Bat-book and being too different from the caped crusader that fans knew. These snippets from Morrison show the opposite. They show a Morrison in control of Bat-trivia and steeped in lore despite the bloodier Robin and other odd takes on the Bat-mythos.

Grant Morrison’s commentary is part of the upcoming hardback of the story arc.

This was both mine and Frank Quitely’s finale on the BATMAN AND ROBIN title, and the cover, like so many of the others, had been planned back at the beginning of the run and stayed fairly close to the original intention.

This was the first cover to feature our two Batmen — pinch-hitting Dick Grayson and the returned Bruce Wayne — together in action with Robin, and I’d imagined a kind of hierarchical “totem pole” stack of heroes with one above the other.

This cover was intended as a kind of Satanic reverse of the famous panel from DETECTIVE COMICS #38 published in 1940, where Batman solemnly inducts the young Robin into the crime-fighting fraternity.

During “Batman R.I.P.” I felt we’d missed out on the potential of an infernal cover depicting Doctor Hurt wearing Thomas Wayne’s sinister, bat-like masquerade costume backlit by turbulent flames. The idea was finally used here, with the addition of a Batman who’s had bullet holes blasted into his back in a domino-spot pattern.

Back in BATMAN #428, in 1988, the Joker had famously used a crowbar to beat Jason Todd, the unlucky second Robin, to within an inch of his life before blowing him with a bomb. As is the way of comic book characters, Jason Todd eventually made it back from the dead many years later (and even made an appearance as the Red Hood in this very series), but I wanted to see the new Robin redress the balance in his own inimitable way — hence this image of a grinning, unrepentant Joker taking his skull fractures with a smile

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