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Duck Tales #1-Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 by

The hit Disney afternoon show returns in an all-new, original, ongoing comic book series: Ducktales!
Written by the creator of Epic Mickey video game and illustrated by fan-favorite Disney duck artist Miquel Pugol, this is the latest revival of the Disney afternoon cartoons from the 90s. The Disney afternoon revolution exists within the same continuity as Boom’s other hit Disney revival Darkwing Duck. That is appropriate since Darkwing Duck was originally a spin off from Ducktales and shared characters including Launchpad McQuack and Gizmo Duck. Now that the Masked Mallard’s series has been such a success, the flag ship Ducktales is returning with all new tales.

Ducktales opens with Scrooge McDuck jumping from a plane. It is a beautifully drawn and colored page full of action and motion. Scrooge falls through layered clouds. Is it about adventure or money for McDuck? Hard to say. He seems fairly balanced. On the ground he is joined by the nephews and niece at the grand opening of a museum to his adventure. This comic seems to be the adventure of unadventure. Webbigail convinces Scrooge to return priceless artifacts that he might not have paid enough for originally. Bandits, robbers, and familiar faces should make this web footed tale fun yet wholesome.

This should prove to be another family favorite from Kaboom! It is a good first issue that will most likely be followed by an adventure filled series.

Written by Warren Spector
Drawn by Leonel Castellani, Jose Massaroli, Magic Eye Studios
Colors by Braden Lamb

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