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Dungeons & Dragons #7
Published on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 by

Written by: John Rogers
Art by: Horacio Domingues, Juanan & Andrea Di Vito
Inked by: Andres Ponce
Colors: Aburtov & Graphikslava
Letters: Chris Mowry
Cover Art: A- Tyler Walpole; B- Denis Medri w/ Paolo Francescutto of Gotem Studios; C- Jorge Lucas
Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Consulting Editor: Andy Schmidt

The origin of Fell’s Four continues, to an extent. We learn about Adric’s first trip into the Feywild where he met Varis and Juliana. We also learn that Adric is cursed, and it’s an interesting curse.

This issue carries the same tone as the rest. There’s some humor but it’s mostly about the adventure. Classic D&D elements show up in the story. This series has been a D&D encounter brought to the written page. The characters are extremely interesting.

Where we learn the origin of Fell’s Four in this issue and the previous, Rogers lays the groundwork for many more prequel type stories as Adric’s tumbling through the Feywild passage opens up his memories and we learn that alot more has happened between this first trip and the start of the series. What happens to the young kids, Justin and Philomena? I need that story told soon.

The one part that was a bit odd was where Varis has an arrow drawn on Adric and then turns it on the Eladrin. That part was a bit hard to follow and Varis turning on the others seems like it came out of the blue. There wasn’t much mention of the reason. Other then that though the rest of the issue stands up with the rest of the series.

The art is the only downfall of this book. After six issues of Andrea Di Vito’s work, the pages by Domingues and Juanan just don’t hold up as well. They aren’t bad, not at all. But they are definately below the tone set by Di Vito in the previous issues.

Dungeons & Dragons #7 receives
4 out of 5

Fell’s Four (or is it Five now) have quickly become some of my favorite characters.

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