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Is No News Good News?
Published on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 by

Whatever happened to Machete’s mini series? Machete is a character with a long history from the mind of Robert Rodriguez. The character, played by Danny Trejo, starred in his own film last year, a film based on a spoof trailer, but was also seen as a minor character in Spy Kids. Given the long, but slow, history of this character delays in the comic are not unusual. Nearly six months later the comic still has not released an update on the status of the five part mini-series that was slated to follow the #0 issue at the end of 2010. Although no news could be good news. Because no news of cancellation has been given either.

The disappointing box office sales could be working against the urgency of the comic project. Expectations may not have been met, but then again, this was a movie pulling from Grindhouse and Mexploitation roots that was not destined to be the largest block buster of all time. Without the wide audience appeal of Avatar or the family appeal of Fern Gully, Machete was destined to draw a smaller crowd than either movie. Disappointing box office tallies will eventually be offset by DVD sales. DVD sales are an area that have kept Rodriguez a cult classic director film after film.

This would be a refreshing change of a movie becoming a comic, rather than the usual order.

So, Rodriguez, who penned the comic and the movie, could be working at his own pace. Waiting to sell this comic when the DVD sales swells could be one possible strategy. Without actual news, only guesses are possible. The #0 issue was a prequel tell allowing the Danny Trejo character to build up to becoming Machete. One complaint lobbied by KittysPryde and other sources was that the art did not capture the look of Trejo. Since Rodriquez wrote the part for Trejo, it would have been nice to be able to see him on the comic page, although we could not. Zach Howard’s cover came closer to capturing the aging Trejo’s attitude. Perhaps Stuart Seygar is sketching Trejo as we speak, but again without news nothing is certain.

Trolling IDW’s forums reveals little news. The last official word is that they were waiting for Rodriguez, although lack luster sells are mentioned. Hopefully, no news will be good news eventually.

A reminder of issue #0
Machete credit
Machete art sample

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