The GeeksverseSuper Dinosaur #2

Super Dinosaur #2
Published on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 by

Can Kirkman and company rise to the challenge of keeping an all ages book truly appealing for all ages? Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard, Russ Wooten, and Sina Grace bring in another valiant effort to rise to that challenge. Young protagonist with a dinosaur in an exo-skeleton and their family seems like the recipe for an all ages book.

Jason Howard’s art work looked cartoony in Astounding Wolfman which garnered praise but also made the splatter more intense. Now that Howard has moved into Super Dinosaur his look is still cartoony, but thus far they have avoided the splatter. Howard and Kirkman are committed to making a comic that they can read with their children. So far so good.

If you’ve read anything by Kirkman in the past then you know he has a penchant for emotional writing but usually amid hardships of blood and gore. This issue is more upbeat and light hearted than the typical writing found in Kirkmania. It is nice to see Kirkman flexing those writing muscles.

This issue showcases more of the villain, a mad scientist with a group of dinosaurmen as flunkies. Kirkman is teaming up with McFarlane on Walking Dead “toys.” Kirkman should push McFarlane to do family friendly 6″ dinosaurmen toys. That would be a coup. New faces and new environment outfits would make for a nice full toy line. Until then, sit back and enjoy the read.

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