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Walking Dead #85
Published on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 by

Surviving and living are two different things. Kirkman, Wooten, Adlard, and Rathburn bring another issue of Walking Dead to comic shop shelves. This group is back on track shipping on time again. I’m the first to complain when I have to wait on my doses of Kirkmania, so I thought I should note that another action packed Walking Dead has hit the shelves on time.

This comic opens after the slaughter of the last two issues. The survivors have stood against a horde of zombies and come through. That means it is time for clean up. This comic opens with survivors trying to make burn piles. Some former cast members are present in zombie form which is a nice addition to the first few pages. That is a nice way to change up the pile and burn sequence that we have seen before. Most of the clean up is what long time readers would come to expect.

The part of the story arc that is shockingly new is Rick and Carl. Two issues ago Carl was bit. Last issue they struggled to save Carl. But did it work? Was it enough? Can Carl ever be the same? Visit your local comic shop to find out.

I can say that Rick’s recommitted and renewal of purpose last issue seems to be sticking. Rick opens up with his fellow survivors this issue. Rick can be stand-off-ish or a bit of a loner. In this issue he takes back his community minded spirit.

Glenn’s joke about not knowing everyone’s names in the community is hilarious in part because it is echoing the letters columns. If you are reading purely in trade paper back, then you may have missed the letters starting outside of DC that the cast was hard to follow since some characters were hard to remember. I’m not sure Glenn meant to be funny, but I know that Kirkman did.

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