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25 cents worth of Pixies
Published on Friday, May 27, 2011 by

Arcana’s Tweet: Pixies #1 came out last Wednesday! #Arcana #25centcomics #Pixies translates to a new preview comic for an upcoming graphic novel. The 25 cent preview is part of an upcoming graphic novel in 2012. This is a love against all odds story. The main male protagonist has angered the pixies and now suffers their wrath. The wrath causes him to be eternally clumsy which eventually lets him stumble upon a woman of his dreams. It is a cute simple story.

The art is cartoonish in a stiff and flat manner. The backgrounds are sparse. Generally, the panels are just flat colors with only details that are needed. This uncluttered style is easy to read but slightly bland. The characters are not completely similar but they are fairly forgettable.

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