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Mercy Sparx TPB
Published on Friday, May 27, 2011 by

Since the comic is not listed under the titles from Arcana, the fate of the former DDP comic has been uncertain since Arcana bought the DDP catalog. In the last days of DDP Mercy Sparx & Cassie Hack were slated to team up for a two shot miniseries which was eventually published under Arcana. Even with that publication it did not clarify what would happen to the halo snapping demoness. Mercy Sparx was a character created by Josh Blaylock and used DDP’s logo as the basis of one of the characters. Sparx premiered in 2008 with a four part mini series, which was slated to be followed by another mini series that did not make it past the first issue. The first four issues took nearly a year to hit the comic shop shelves.

Despite its poor timing the comic was a fun read. It was a hard sale since it came out slowly and was forgotten by many readers. Now Arcana has collected the first four issues into a trade paperback. The $14.95 collection makes the fun story of the angel hunting demoness that works for heaven available for easier reading. This collection is already easier to find than the low production Sparx-Slash cross over. Hopefully that recent Hack/Slash issue will help new readers seek out this low selling mini-series. This newly printed TPB is 126 pages of a great comic.

Chris ‘Crank!’ Crank letterer
Cody DeMatteis editor
Eduardo Medeiros colorist
Josh Blaylock writer, penciler, cover
Matt Merhoff penciler
Sean K. Dove other

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