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Wolverine #9
Published on Saturday, May 28, 2011 by

Wolverine #9
He’s been to Hell, danced with the devil and had his body possessed by a vicious horde of demons, but now it’s time for some payback. First on his list? Mystique.
Unfortunately for our boy Logan, he is not the only one hunting Mystique down. A new unstoppable assassin is hot on her trail as well, Lord Deathstrike. A very tech savvy killer who is able to pull off the astounding feat of killing a man by shooting a bullet through the earth from Argentina.
This is a pretty damn good book. It is action packed and dives right in on the first page. The pacing is fast and it flows well. The art work is quality and consistent throughout and the twist on the final page really leaves you wanting more.
Wolverine #9 receives 4 out of 5.
Will Wolverine get his revenge on the Red Right Hand? And what is to come of Mystique? Pick up Wolverine #9 to find out.

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