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Lazerman #5
Published on Sunday, May 29, 2011 by

I met the Lazerman team at the recent Granitecon comic convention.

Lazerman is about Alex Sanders, a comic book fan that is given super powers through a freak accident. And what does he do with those powers? Become a super hero of course.

The story of Lazerman is pretty easy to pick up, even if you hadn’t read the previous four issues. There’s a nice little recap at the beginning and the story itself provides enough of a recap. This is a good jumping on point.

The story itself is fairly standard super hero fare. The strength of the book, and what makes it different, is that this is a new world that hasn’t had super heroes before. The appearance of Lazerman has set off a chain reaction and the world is changing. When the story focuses on that, it’s very strong.

The issue itself has some pacing problems as it’s hard to tell when the various events take place. Anytime the zombies appear it seems like it’s night and foggy but the rest of the time it’s light and during the day. Did the opening sequance take place a prior night?

The Herberts use this issue to get the overall story of Lazerman moving. It seems the first four issues were the introduction and this is where things start happening as they set up a couple of subplots and introduce different characters. And if this holds true to form, we’re introduced to Alex Sander’s love interest in the last couple of pages.

It’s entertaining and has an air of fun to it, which is helped by the art. The art is cartoony. It’s not a style that I particularly like, but it does work for the tone of the story that the Herberts are trying to tell with Lazerman.

Lazerman receives
3.5 out of 5

A fairly traditional super hero story but entertaining.

Learn more about HB Comics on their website.

Lazerman is available from Indy Planet.

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