The GeeksverseHow Would You Do It? #1 – Captain America And Bucky

How Would You Do It? #1 – Captain America And Bucky
Published on Friday, June 3, 2011 by

All comic fans will occasionally read a storyline and think to themselves “I could do so much better then that.”

Well now is your chance to share you would do better. This is the first in a semi-regular (whenever there is a good storyline worth talking about) interactive column. I’ll find a storyline that has happened or about to (where we know most of where it is heading) and share what I would do differently.

And then it’s your turn.

Recently it was announced that Steve Rogers would be returning to the mantle of Captain America. Bucky’s fate was up in the air until the recent Fear Itself that just came out. It appears as if they are going to kill Bucky off.

What would you have done differently?

For me I’ve enjoyed Bucky as Cap and Steve in the role he’s in now. I’m disappointed that Bucky will be dead as it’s a waste of an interesting character. What I would have done is have the two switch roles again.

Steve becomes Captain America but because he’s the symbol he couldn’t lead/run the Secret Avengers anymore, but that is a team that still has a function. I’m not sure if I’d still have Cap in charge of SHIELD but I think I would. I think it would set up some interesting stories where Steve has to get dirty a little because of the job and has to examine how that affects the symbol of being Captain America.

Bucky takes over Steve’s role in the Secret Avengers. He leads the covert team. I think this is the best use for him as thats what he did for so long. I’d give him a name that plays off his Winter Soldier days, but something patriotic. American Soldier wouldn’t work but something along those lines.

This seems like a natural role for Bucky. He’s always been more of a “in the shadows” kind of guy and this would be that. He’d be doing good work, leading an Avengers team, and helping the world. He’d give the Secret Avengers a rougher edge and it would be interesting seeing how he handles Ant-Man and how the Beast would react to Bucky. I can see Valkyrie taking a liking to Bucky which wouldn’t sit well with the Black Widow.

Letting Bucky die just seems like a waste.

Now it’s your turn. What would you do?

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