The GeeksverseBatman Beyond #6 Review

Batman Beyond #6 Review
Published on Saturday, June 4, 2011 by

Batman Beyond #6 continues the second part of Industrial Revolution, “Industrial Disease,” picking up with the fire that ended last issue. Of course, Batman lived through the explosion. The fact that he’s riding the motorcycle from the Nolan Dark Knight movie as an escape pod is interesting. The Wayne-Powers facility is apparently a publicly known facility that stores Bat-equipment? As cool as the inclusion is it ultimately doesn’t make sense, but it is enjoyable when Bruce sees it and had forgotten he still had the escape pod.

For better or worse, Batman Beyond is pulling together the Bat mythology and is not letting reboots and different DC Universes slow it down. Bat Beyond has referenced the TV show, which was in the cartoon Universe, Batman Inc, Hush, and now the Nolan Movies. Batman Beyond is now 50 years in the future of it all.

This issue explains how Blight returns post-TV show drowning. He’s still concerned about defeating Bruce Wayne and now concerned with destroying Batman. It’s a common enough set of grudges to hold in Gotham. However, Blight’s focus allows him to pull Bruce into CEO mode. Bruce’s plan to draw out the villain is economic instead of detective. It is a nice inclusion.

The character redesign on Blight makes complete sense and adequately explained. He does look more like Freeze than he did in the past, but it makes sense.

Despite the odd continuity inclusions this is overall a successful book.

Adam Beechen writer
John Stanisci inker
Travis Lanham letterer
Chris Conroy editor
Ryan Benamin penciller
David Baron colorist
Dustin Nguyen cover

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