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Hack Slash Meets Zombies vs Cheerleaders #1
Published on Saturday, June 4, 2011 by

My pull bag finally included the anticipated Hack/Slash Meets Zombies vs Cheerleaders #1. One expects classic characters revisited from Moonstone which makes this book standout out in the Moonstone catalog as a zombie thumping good time. A cross over issue with Cassie Hack seems to be a good fit. When it comes to monsters that lurk in the shadows upskirted Cassie Hack and hulking Vlad make a nice arrival on the scene.

Cover A

Based on a series of trading cards, Zombie vs Cheerleaders is an anthology set at a high school that has become the forefront for the battle of the human race during the zombie apocalypse that some science geek started. Issue #1 debuted with work from writer Steven L. Frank teams with artists Benjamin Glendenning, Jessica Hickman, Frankie B Washington, and David Namisato. Issue #3, also currently on comic shop shelves, features the work of Max Cannon (Red Meat), Eric M Esquival, Gerrad McConnell, and Steven L Frank! Amazing artwork by Matt Hebb, Shawn Van Briesen, and Bill McKay.

Being an anthology of loosely connected stories a cameo seems easy to work in. This not only makes pulling Cassie and Vlad in from their current home at Image Comics doable, but it also makes this a good entry point for new readers. This is a quirky fun book, as most Hack/Slash books inevitably are, that will appeal to readers of the newer Zombies vs Cheerleaders, more established Hack/Slash, or anyone that likes a good head thumping near Crystal Lake in general.

I’m not a fan of how Vlad is drawn in this issue, but how they weave him into high school life makes up for it. Cassie and the Cheerleaders look good. The zombies are fine.

Cover hunters have a lot to hunt down on this issue. If you are only going to pick up a reader copy, then you have a tough decision with the five variant covers.

Story Steven L. Frank
Artwork Benjamin Glendenning
Colors Joseph Baker
Letters Bill Maus
Inside Front Cover Bill Maus
Edited by Steven L Frank
Hack/Slash Created Tim Seeley
Zombies Vs Cheerleaders Created Steven L Frank
Cover A Tim Seeley
Cover B Mike DeBalfo
Cover C Dominic Marco
Cover D Benjamin Glendenning
Cover E Shawn Van Briesen (limited to 200 copies)

limited Cover E

The back of this comic is sketch friendly with a blank four box back cover. That would be handy if you happen to meet the creators at a convention. Look for them!

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