The Geeksverse“It’s Dexter meets Machete.”-Azteca

“It’s Dexter meets Machete.”-Azteca
Published on Saturday, June 4, 2011 by

Azteca writer, Enrica Jang, was at the Heroescon in Charlotte, NC selling copies of her comics and t-shirts. One of my friends asked her what it was about, and as she was describing it he said, “It’s like Dexter.” Enrica Jang’s response was that “It’s Dexter meets Machete.” Sold.

This was a 2010 comic that we had missed until the convention. Azteca is a ritualistic murder in touch with the Aztec roots trying to prevent the end of the world. In his twisted Aztec perception he is sacrificing evildoers. Dexter meets Machete. Good nature butcher trying to bring about a gritty good thing.

Enrica Jang is the writer of Azteca, this bloody vigilante comic set in Mexico. She is a freelance writer in Cold Spring NY and author of three Red Stylo Media projects slated for release in 2011.

Jhazmine Ruiz,penciler, is a SCAD alum and has been published by Marvel Comics as well as in various anthologies.

The comic also has a motion comic available on the RSM website. Check their website to find out about the Heros Con Promo Pack that they were packing for the show. Their merch shirts are cool too. Follow Azteca on Twitter and Facebook.

a peek at issue one

Azteca: Ciudad Paradiso #1 by Enrica Jang (writer), Jhazmine Ruiz (penciler), and Andre Frattino (inker/colorist/letterer). $2.99, 32 pgs, FC, Red Stylo Media.

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