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Speaking with Atkins
Published on Saturday, June 4, 2011 by

At Herocon I was able to meet Robert Atkins and speak with him for a moment. Among his other credits Atkins is now working on the Snake Eyes on going comic from IDW. He was taking sketch requests, selling his DeClassified sketch book (which is good if you ever wanted to see Snake Eyes holding the Captain America shield), and selling original art pages from Snake Eyes #1-4 and other projects.

Atkins told me that the Snake Eyes comic was one that was in the works for a while. The Civil War gave them a launching point, where he can track down Cobra Commander contenders, and then head off on his own story. The story of him chasing Slice and Dice fits well with the Civil War.

I am thus far enjoying the Civil War. The #0 issue swayed me to pick the first issue of the ongoing. However, one item jumped out at me as a continuity error between #0 and #1 is the appearance of the ninja force crime scene. In #0 the dead ninjas are shown in cammo gear. In #1 they are pictured closer to their action figure appearance. While some fans might prefer one or the other, having them in both in the same scene does not seem to make sense.

I had to ask about Atkins about the discrepancy. I was hoping that having two artists on the project meant something was lost in the process of putting the book together. Atkins said that Augustin Padilla drew both pages. Padilla was originally the artist on the project, but never finished the book. Atkins was brought in to finish the book. The pages that Padilla had completed were used for the flashbacks. Padilla drew both pages, but Atkins didn’t know why they did not match. Time had most likely passed between doing one section and then the other, but Atkins didn’t know why Padilla didn’t check his previous work before continuing.

Flipping through the original art pages revealed the flight pods, more artic vipers, and a ninja fight between Snake Eyes, Slice and Dice in issue four. Slice and Dice will be shown in outfits contemporary to their action figures. This seems notable since they apparently attacked the combined Joe ninja force dressed as Snake Eyes. While it wouldn’t be the first time that Snake Eyes fought another ninja wearing his “uniform,” the fight scene was easier to follow with Slice, Dice, and Snake Eyes clear and distinct.

Atkins said that the breakdowns were complete through issue #9 already, and that Dixon story was going well. He expected the story would carry for at least two years worth of comics.

This image Atkins is using as a postcard

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