The GeeksverseStatic Shock Special (One Shot) Review

Static Shock Special (One Shot) Review
Published on Saturday, June 4, 2011 by

This is a special one shot from a character that doesn’t get a lot of DC attention, but it is also a love letter to a recently departed comic creator. This story has a featured stand alone tale and a short back up piece, both commemorate fallen inspirations. In the main tale Static’s wrongly accused uncle gets out of prison, is hassled by bang babies, is saved by his maturing hero nephew, and ultimately dies anyway. The character of the uncle is well introduced by Static’s narration and his death has a resonance within the story. The added relevance of Dwayne McDuffie’s recent death only adds an additional layer to the story. It would stand alone on its own without knowing about missing McDuffie. As a casual Static Shock cartoon watcher, this comic works on its own. No prior reading of previous comics or the Milestone Media books is needed.

The back up story is poignant but does require understanding a few things about Dwyane McDuffie and Milestone Media. Ultimately understanding Milestone’s imperfect relationship to DC Comics is helpful as well.

This is a love letter to McDuffie, but also to Static Shock. Static will be seeing an upcoming action figure. Perhaps he’ll find his way onto more comic pages too.

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