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Walking Bread-Review
Published on Sunday, June 5, 2011 by

Walking Bread, from Jester Press, is 31 pages of carb flying horror parody. Troy Hasbrouck says that Jester Press is allowing him to make his job a hobby again. Hasbrouck runs a comic book shop as well as writes every title thus far from Jester Press. Hasbrouck, he was at the Charlotte HeroCon, said that Walking Bread was an idea that was harder to write than he expected because the most obvious puns were often the hardest to work into the story. One example that he gave was sourdough, which seems immediately obvious in a comic that uses radiated bread to start a zombie style apocalypse, but that stumped him. Proudly Hasbrouck says that the finished product has at least one groaning pun per page.

When the preview pages set up a disgruntled employee fighting corporate America which had used science to create an apocalypse in less than four pages, I knew this was more fun than a few puns.

Hasbrouck said that Twilight was indirectly responsible for his writing Daughters of Merlin. Twilight and the craze had over saturated the comic market, so when people saw Night and Shades of Night they were beginning to lump it in together with the Twilight craze. He took Daughters of Merlin off of the back burner and used it to be something different on his table. Walking Bread by extension was just a chance to have fun. The parody is just that, fun.

Walking Bread has a taste of Walking Dead and Dawn of the Dead mixed together with just a shot of popular Hitchcock flavor.

The art starts off oddly distorted. The first few pages seem not to have straight lines as if everything is being viewed through a fish bowl. The lines calm down later in the book as the world itself becomes more distorted. Killer loaves of bread look odd but I’m not sure they could be drawn so that they wouldn’t because killer loaves of bread are just odd. The central janitor character has expression befitting his odd couple role. Joe and Zoey make a nice visual pairing in their respective overalls a v-necks.

The writing is peppered with puns and jokes which is fun, like when Zoey says, “We’re gonna to A-Team this truck up.” She may not be Mr. T, or even Ving Rhames, but she does pity the fool.

The single serving of wonderful wonder bread wording is available online.

Writer Troy Hasbrouck
Artist Jason Kimble

Fed by corporate greed and high profits, the irradiated un-dead yeast rises to end life as we know it. Only Janitor Joe and Mechanic Zoey stand between the murderous baked goods and total destruction. But will they be enough to stop THE WALKING BREAD?

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