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Haunt #16
Published on Monday, June 6, 2011 by

An advanced review for a book that my comic shop didn’t have on 1 June 11. Another installment of Kirkman-McFarlane’s pair up supernatural hero who has been undergoing growing pains in the odd mystical connection in recent issues.

The duex ex machina resolution to the persisting problem is frustrating. For several issues the red menace that has been chasing Haunt has been trying to restore the balance, according to a woman who can see beyond this world. Last issue ended with Kurt leaving this plane. In this issue Kurt is chatting in a void between planes of existence rather starkly and quickly. It seems to rush a resolution which allows the story to return to its trajectory before this arc. The duex ex machina resolution does not negate this arc but it does make it rather skippable. Hurg and Cobra return as the immediate threat to Daniel in the hospital and a secret agency trying to keep him safe without Kurt.

The duex ex machina resolution does hint at a return of the apparition and unsettling news about the bond relationships future between the brothers. As cool as that is it does not make up for the “eh” factor. Next issue teams back up with Algeria.

Alternate Pheonix Con Cover Variant as well.

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