The GeeksverseSavage Dragon #171-Advanced Review

Savage Dragon #171-Advanced Review
Published on Monday, June 6, 2011 by

How glamorous is a life as a super powered evil doer? Savage Dragon #171 opens with a father-son dynamic from the Vicious Circle side of the comic. This after school special moment is nice since Malcolm’s own father-son advice has stopped. Our hero has lost his guidance but the bad guys get to keep theirs? In true Savage Dragon fashion the story goes beyond the fight scenes and sneaks into the crevices of life.

This issue is full of bad news. Uncle Willie gets rejected by a young man that does not believe he is family. Malcolm has to deal with family showing up for money, and finding out how his emperor/father died. Angel is not welcome at school since she recently killed a guy with her bare hands. And an honest man is treated like a criminal because of his appearance as he loses his job because of the economy.

Geek moment: Malcolm Dragon signing comic books at a public appearance explaining why the comic did not reboot to a Malcolm Dragon #1 when he took over the title.

Fight scene with an eco-political narration and women drawn disproportionately. Everything you love about Savage Dragon is still Savage.

story, art, & cover ERIK LARSEN

Malcolm Dragon’s life is in a shambles–things have gone from crazy to insane and things couldn’t look much more bleak–or so he thought. Enter: Thunder Head–the satanic son of one of his father’s most fiendish foes! Comes with our highest possible recommendation!

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