The GeeksverseSpace Warped #1 – Advanced Review

Space Warped #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 by

No so far away, in a land long ago, if you think 30 years was way back…there was a movie that has since become an icon and thus must be parodied. The orphaned farm kid learning about himself is a standard narrative of bildingsroman, and thus is often poked and prodded not so much by story but by trappings. Characters dressed in similar garb take on the non-Shakepearan roles close enough to provide a familiar mirth.

That happens here too.

Space Warped will appeal to the fan of making fun of Star Wars. It might even appeal to some Star Wars fans.

This comic follows in the tradition of Robot Chicken or Space balls with the look of a webcomic being printed. Unlike the typically polished Boom! studios offerings, this looks closer to a rough hewn sketch.

Curiously, Space Warped carries the Kaboom! logo, a part of the children’s line from Boom! Studios. It is doubtful that this orphan tale will truly resonate with young readers.

The credits read interestingly:
Written by Herve’ Bourhis
Art by Rudy Spiessert
Colors by Mathilda
Translation Dan Heching
Americization Kevin Church
Letters Deron Bennet
Cover Rudy Spiessert
Editor Dafna Pleban

Space Warped #1(of 6) is a parody better aimed at Star Wars remembers than their children post-Jar Jar children. This issue starts with the original film and not with the new #1 movie.

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