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Fly #1
Published on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 by

Written by: Raven Gregory
Illustrated by: Eric J
Colors: Michael Garcia & Nei Ruffino
Letters: CRANK!
Cover Art: A -Eric Basaldua w/ Nei Ruffino; B- Artgerm; C- Eric J w/ Nei Ruffino; D- Tyler Kirkham w/ Nei Ruffino; E- Ale Garza w/ Nei Ruffino; F- Mike Debalfo w/ Sanju Nivangune

BTW, the Eric J cover (which I got) is by far the best cover. It’s striking and definately grabs your attention from the shelf. Which is why I grabbed this book. The cover caught my eye. The others are pure cheesecake and nothing else.

The story is interesting. It starts off with a man having a bad day. His car is up in the air with a light pole wrapped around it. From there he’s confronted by a flying and super strong woman who beats the crap out of her. Apparently he has something she wants and he won’t give it to her because she chose the powers over them.

From there the story does a flip and flashes back. Two flashbacks. It shows the two getting married and then goes back to when they first met.

It’s an odd storytelling technique. We don’t really get an idea of who the characters are, what they are doing, or why they are doing. The woman has powers. We learn she chose the powers over him. And then we don’t really get the pieces that bring it together until the last page.

Apparently “Fly” is a drug that gives you powers. The story is about addiction. But we get none of that for most of the book. It’s interesting though. I’m curious to see where the story goes.

Even though it doesn’t give up much information, Gregory’s story keeps the interest. We want to learn why this man is so down. We want to learn what happened to his car. And we want to learn why this woman chose the powers over them.

The flashbacks are odd though and a bit jarring. The first half, the present, is drawn in one style and the flashback is in a different one. And the two styles couldn’t be further apart.

The first half is excellant. Eric J’s storytelling is great. He does a good job with the layouts. The best is the sequance of Eddie walking up the stairs in his apartment. As we pass a window we see his car still hanging from the light pole outside. It’s a nice touch.

The problem is that the flashback’s style is cartoony. It doesn’t match the rest. I’m all for having a different tone and style for the flashbacks. It helps set them apart from the present day story. But this is too much. It’s like a completely different comic. It gives it a totally different tone. If the whole issue was like this I would have passed. It looks amateur compared to the first part.

Fly #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

This has potential. It’s an interesting story but the art needs to find a consistent style.

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