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Foster Broussard: Demons of the Gold Rush #1
Published on Thursday, June 9, 2011 by

Written by: David Ziebart
Penciled by: Dan Glasl
Inked by: Amber Gant
Colors: Adam Guzowski
Letters: Troy Peteri

Broussard is a con artist, a swashbuckler and an adventurer. He’s a classic anti-hero. A bad boy with a heart of gold.

In this case, it’s the gold he’s after. The set-up is a bit hard to follow. He uses his knowledge of a gold rush in San Francisco to get out of the hangman’s noose in England. Except wouldn’t the Queen know of the gold rush as well? And they’re a bit quick in accepting that he knows something that others don’t. Especially since we find out that he’s been in jail for eight months.

The odder part is that he planned to be in jail for those eight months.

Why? This has the makings of one of those schemes that is just way more complicated then it needs to be. It could have been a better story without the overly complicated set-up. Just have Broussard come to the US and go from there.

There’s a subplot of a mining company digging too deep and awakening some native american spirits. There’s also a girl in town that goes after the criminal in charge of the town, and this girl catches Broussard’s eye.

Broussard is a classic rogue. He’s charming and smart. It’ll be interesting to see what differences Broussard brings to the table. The dialogue doesn’t fit the time period though. It’s got a modern feel to it.

Glasl’s art is decent enough. There’s a sparse quality to it. It’s not heavy on extra lines or details. It’s easy on the eyes. There are some perspective issues but the proportions are consistent.

The storytelling is decent. There aren’t any jumps or jarring issues.

The art lacks excitment though. He handles the large scale of the time period well but the specific details are missing. The suit Broussard wears looks of a modern cut. Raya’s outfit looks like it’s an interpretation of something from the time period.

Foster Broussard: Demons of the Gold Rush #1 receives
3 out of 5

Entertaining enough, but not overly exciting or catching.

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