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Rex Zombie Killer #0- Review
Published on Thursday, June 9, 2011 by

It is nice to see a non-Grodd Gorilla fighting through a dystopian world, but it is an odd pairing with the Incredible Journey or Homeward Bound inspiration of animals trying to survive together. Rex Zombie Killer #0 is a $1s worth of story preview and concept sketches for this title from Panda Dog Press.

The black and white art by DaFu Yu is tight and well executed. That can be seen in the brief preview. Yu handles the animals and the zombies equally well. In the zero issue, only one gruesome zombie is shown, but it is executed on par with Tony Moore or Charlie Aldard. The zombie has a pose that is awkward to the point of being nearly broken yet showing that it can move forward. As in many zombie movies the rotter seems to have a penchant for walking with its arms above its head, while that looked cool in Thriller, it can be a bit distracting in the panel when the arms seem to have little variety.

The animals are an interesting mix. Obviously, gorillas weren’t included in The Longest Journey, but should prove useful in this dystopia state. If nothing else the gorilla, Kenji, looks cool with a baseball bat. Kenji isn’t an overly humanized ape destined for world conquest. Kenji is a gorilla packing the extra skill of sign language, which seems fairly useless in a world of zombies and animals that can communicate by talking to each other. Besides the gorilla, which clearly captured my attention, has a diverse pack of dogs and cats. Buttercup is a corgi, Rex is a golden retriever, Brutus is a scarred pitbull, and Snowball is a pampered house cat.

The cover image is how you expect Charlie Aldrad would draw the cover for Homeward Bound.

This zero issue brings together the motley pack and establishes their need for cooperation to survive. This kicks off what promises to be a fun talking animal survival tale. While Rob Anderson has written for Great Zombies in History, and the comic industry is in the midst of a zombie craze, Anderson says this title isn’t about the zombie apocalypse but instead about the bond between the animals. To him, the writer, this is another opportunity to write about animals thus bringing together his two loves: comics and animals. If you’re a fellow animal lover you might also want to check out Anderson’s Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit while you’re waiting on the next issue of Rex Zombie Killer.

Rob Anderson-Writer/Publsiher, Panda Dog Press
DaFu Yu- Artist, Cover Artist #0
Paolo Chaz Gomez- Colorist
E.T. Dollman-Letterer
Mike Gallagher- Pin up
Stu Roddy- Pin Up

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