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Transformers:Dark of the Moon: Rising Storm #1 Review
Published on Thursday, June 9, 2011 by

Transformers 2 sucked and that kept me from picking up the prequel to the third movie. As the movie gets closer, some of the toys are catching our attention on the toy aisles. Some are not finding favorable review. Besides these hit and miss toy reviews, there is a comic on the shelf that Kittys Pryde have missed reviewing. Confidence in the third movie might be low, but it sounds like Micheal Bay at least is aware that #2 was not satisfying. Plus, Shockwave is rumored to be in the next installment.

Shockwave entered the original Marvel Comics run as a challenge to the rule of Megatron. Shockwave had followed the arc to Earth thus was not damaged and forced to take a more Earth appearance. Instead Shockwave was a space gun/cannon that wrecked havoc on primal Earth before dinobots were created to destroy him. The arc’s probe activated the long dormant Shockwave who used logic to justify replacing the failed Megatron.

In the third movie installment it seems more transformers are in our galaxy besides the ones on Earth. Now that Megatron has ultimately failed in two movies, a true to form Shockwave would logically come in to replace the leader. Starscream has already tried to rule in Megatron’s absence. Or will that all be thrown out the window in another revisionist movie? All anti-Micheal Bay transformers fan assume that the story will throw out the personality and history of Shockwave even though he is being included. Optimistic fans are staying open minded. Most are concerned.

Logically, the answer to this conundrum should be in the prequel comics.

Rising Storm #1 Cover A with a Rising Shockwave

Story John Barber
Art by Carlos Magno
Colors by Aburtov and Graphikslava
Letters by Chris Mowry
Assistant Editor Carlos Guzman
Editor Andy Schmidt
Cover A Brian Rood
Cover RI Carlos Magno and Aburtov

Megatron has been on the run since Optimus Prime defeated the Fallen… But now a new player has arrived on Earth, and he’s not taking prisoners! Fan-favorite SHOCKWAVE enters the scene in a major way, just in time for his role in TRANSFORMERS 3!

The cover makes a good first impression, Shockwave standing amid destruction. His one soulless eye seems to be leering with evil intent. The fire fighters posture holds fear and trembling.

The prequel issue opens in China with Autobots saving the day. They are still filling the globe trotting protectorate role but now with Longarm speaking Chinese. All is well until Shockwave and Astrotrain show up. Interestingly Shockwave tells Astrotrain to start construction, which mirrors the instructions Shockwave gives the Constructicons after he built them in Marvel #10 (by Bob Budiansky). Shockwave’s autobot crushing entrance is nice as well as his allusion to an earlier incarnation of the character. Unfortunately the movie-verse already weakly introduced Constructicons in the last movie, so another bot has to take instructions from Shocwave. Astrotrain is an interesting second choice. Shockwave does reveal to Astrotrain that he expects to easily take over the followers of Starscream easily.

N.E.S.T. and the world protectorate Autobots still exist. It is an interesting use of military and alien partnership which still has the robots operating in stealth unless in action. Director Galloway, who wanted to shut down the joint operation somewhere in the second movie, is now working closely with the ‘bots and Lennox’s men. Arcee, Elita, and Chromia, the three motorcycle sisters, are explained in two panels which was to explained in the entire last movie. Another problem from the last movie, the hip-hop lingo twins, are still present and still featuring goofy heads and odd lingo. Hints of the decipicon drones becoming self-aware are laid. Interestingly, Sam Witwicky and Bumble Bee aren’t brought in until the last page of the first issue, although the are given plenty of pages in later issues.

Overall, the comic keeps Shockwave looking more classic than movie-verse. He is given a nice entrance, but it is early to tell how this will dovetail into the next movie. Although, the trade paperback is surely on the way if you’ve missed this hint at the movie universe. Discuss your expectations on the Pryde Forum.

At this point all four issues are out and the trade is inevitable. The 3rd Micheal Bay movie has filled the comic shop shelves with comics, hopefully the answer to “will the next movie suck?” is written within these colored panels.

Transformers Dark of the Moon Rising Storm #2 Preview
Transformers Dark of the Moon Rising Storm #3 Preview
Transformers Dark of the Moon Rising Storm #4 Preview
Transformers Dark of the Moon Foundation #2 Preview
Transformers Dark of the Moon Foundation #2 Preview
Transformers Dark of the Moon Foundation #4 Preview

Rising storm #2 page 7 shows Shockwave in action

Foundation #3 Cover Shockwave

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