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Zombie Fail
Published on Thursday, June 9, 2011 by

There is no shortage of zombie comic books. Instead the market is glutted with the rotters. Already this month the Pryde has looked at everything from the classic Walking Dead, military themed 68, westerns Rotten, and the spoofs Walking Bread and Rex Zombie Killer. While I am getting tired of most zombie books I do like it when something new comes along. That is why I have been favorable toward Walking Bread and Rex Zombie Killer. However, not everything new is good.

Fail of the Dead fails. It is an attempt at a comedy book but is not quite funny. It has a few humorous moments scattered among the scatological sophomoric humor of zombie torsos crawling up sewer pipes into toilets under fat people. Fail of the Dead is somewhat unique because it tells the story from the POV of the zombie, although that does not translate into something interesting.

Fail of the Dead has received some non-critical attention, but it is noticeably vague. It would be hard to write for long about this non-humorous parody positively. This webcomic is funnier than the Antarctic Press offering and the art is nearly on par. Antarctic Press does have better zombie offerings.

One positive thing that can be said is that the creative team makes a reference to a restaurant that would not appeal to a wide audience. Kenny Rogers Chicken has yet to make international, national, or even wide area sales. It is gutsy hinging a joke on a reference that not everyone would chuckle on. The Romero riffing title is good too.

Luckily this is a oneshot and is skippable. Save your money for something funnier or at least sexier.

By:Fred Perry, David Hutchison, Ben Dunn
March 2011

Congratulations, zombies, you’ve got yourself a mouthful of fresh, juicy, living FAIL! Even the best of zombies (such as they are) don’t always get their prey. Slips, trips, flips and other mips—er, mishaps can befall them at any time, usually when it’s funniest. We’ve captured some of these heart-warming, rib-tickling, brain-missing moments to share and enjoy with all of you.

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