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Crysis #1
Published on Friday, June 10, 2011 by

Written by: Richard K. Morgan
Art by: Peter Bergting
Colored by: Michelle Madsen
Lettered by: Richard Starkings w/ Comicraft's Albert Deschesne
Cover Art: A- Peter Bergting; B- Marek Okon
Editor: Robert Simpson

I know absolutely nothing about Crysis and it’s world and mythos. And this story did nothing to help me learn more. This is a comic for fans of the game and those that know the story and not anyone else. It’s based on the video game but it doesn’t need to shut itself off to new people to the franchise. Dark Horse just did a Mass Effect series that was accessible to people that hadn’t played the games.

This is supposed to take place between game 1 and the upcoming sequel. But there’s no recap or anything.

It does make the story hard to get into, but it’s a simple story that can get through without any prior knowledge. There’s not much to it, except it starts to unravel at the end. Was Barnes put on that island? Is that where he ends up after the game? From the communications with the people in the airship it sounds like he was off the grid for awhile.

Knowing the game would help out with this immensely.

I didn’t really like Bergting’s art in the Dark Sun mini-series, but I do like it here. I’ve seen the Crysis suit enough to know that Bergting captures it very well. I’m not a fan of the design though, but it does look like it should in this book. The storytelling, what there is of it that is needed, works well except for the last page.

Was the airship shot out of the sky? Did it crash? It’s hard to tell what is going on. The whole last sequance is hard to follow.

Crysis #1 receives
3 out of 5 (grade based on no prior knowledge of Crysis)

Decent art but the story lacks a hook unless you already were a fan.

As an added note, it’s my opinion that a book like this should help draw in new fans, not just cater to the existing. It should tell a story vital to the mythos that would make a casual gamer, like myself, want to find out more and play the games. This doesn’t do that.

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