The GeeksverseMorning Glories #10

Morning Glories #10
Published on Saturday, June 11, 2011 by

Written by: Nick Spencer
Illustrated by: Joe Eisma
Colors: Alex Sollazzo
Letters: Johnny Lowe
Cover Art: Rodin Esquejo
Editor: Jade Dodge

Now this is starting to get somewhere. The last couple issues have focused on a specific cast member, helping us get to know them. This issue focuses on Jade but it does something different. Previously the stories have been flashbacks to something that helped shape the kids, some driving event of their life. Jade’s helps build on the overall story. There’s really no flashback, but more like a flash forward. It also helps explain why she’s always trying to kill herself.

There’s more going on with Jade then it appears on the surface. The question is just what is going on with her? Hints of the future of the Morning Glory Academy and the characters are laid out. Spencer does a good job with this. He doesn’t come out and give away any hints, but just suggestions.

The problem is with the amount of time in the present. How much has passed? How many nights and days have they been there? Jade talks as if Casey and Hunter aren’t what they were before, yet they weren’t anything before. That aspect, and that it seems like Jade’s been having nightmares for awhile, enough that the guards have stormed into the room multiple times, makes the story extremely fuzzy. How much time has passed between issues?

My biggest problem with this series continues to be how well adjusted the kids are with the situations they find themselves in. There’s no panic. There’s no fright. It’s just going about their routine, as if they were in a regular boarding school. Didn’t Casey find her dead parents at the end of the first issue? Haven’t they been almost drowned?

This makes it hard to really get into the story because the kids reactions all ring false.

Have to give some props to the colorist, Alex Sollazzo. There’s some things he’s done that contribute to the overall story and are understated. The new kids all wear red sweaters compared to the blue of the other students. Ike is now wearing a blue sweater, helping confirm his status as one of the other students.

Eisma’s art continues to have ups and downs. Overall it’s decent but there’s a stiffness to the characters and their movements. Even the clothes are stiff.

Morning Glories #10 receives
3.5 out of 10

It’s getting better but there are still central issues to the way the story is being constructed.

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