The GeeksverseRed Robin #24

Red Robin #24
Published on Saturday, June 11, 2011 by

Written by: Fabian Nicieza
Penciled by: Marcus To
Inked by: Ray McCarthy
Colors: Guy Major
Letters: Sal Cipriano
Cover Art: Marcus To
Asst. Editor: Rickey Purdin
Editor: Rachel Gluckstern

Nicieza’s Red Robin is a well crafted book. Tim Drake is a smart hero and this issue, and series, showcase it. A previous issue he used one method of stopping the Scarab and knowing that they would be able to stop that and so he comes up with a better method. Tim treads a thin line between being a hero and crossing over. He makes the tough choices.

This is a hero that makes the hard choices. He’s got a long term plan and everything he does is moving towards that plan. Sometimes he takes a couple steps over. This issue he outthinks himself and allows a criminal he set free to escape. This issue also does a good job of showing that, for all his smarts, Tim is still a kid as he allows himself to be blindsided by Promise.

Tim’s good, but he’s not perfect and he sometimes thinks he is. Nicieza does a great job of showing that side of Red Robin. He’s arrogant. He’s smart. He’s tough. And sometimes he pays for that.

This issue is a bit hard to follow in the middle. The different threads start running together and it’s somewhat hard to follow what is going on. The opening is clean and it’s a shame the rest doesn’t follow that opening.

To’s work is good. I’ve enjoyed his work but not his Red Robin. It’s a contradiction, I know. I don’t like the way he draws Red Robin’s costume but everything else about To’s work I enjoy. His characters are well defined and stand out from eachother. He’s got a strong grasp of storytelling. The fights are especially well done.

Red Robin #24 receives
4 out of 5

This has been an excellant series. This issue is a bit muddled but it’s still strong.

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