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Joe Carnahan Tweets Cryptically
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Joe Carnahan, director/co-writer of A-Team (2010), only has about 300 followers on Twitter so his Tweets don’t automatically make headlines. He’s not posting Ashton Kutcher numbers with the fan following. According to his Tweets, Carnahan has been working on editing The Grey, a film with Liam Neeson. Also according to Tweets he is spending time with Rampage at the crib. Is that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, or Rampage4Real as the world of Tweet knows him?

Joe Carnahan Tweets

Joe Carnahan Tweets about his projects

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on the other hand has thousands of Tweet followers and Tweets more often. A quick survey of Jackson’s Tweets do not reveal A-Team news. Jackson’s Tweets seem more focused on his career as an athlete, with injury reports, and occasionally shout out at followers.

Although, thanks to the Tweet account of @BettyKay98 Carnahan says he is being pressed hard to lock up a film before shooting a frame. A-Team?


Another relatively unknown Tweet account Betty kay Konikoff Tweets

A-Team was not an award winning block buster hit. Opening the same weekend as the World Cup, and losing out to Karate Kid’s remake, the film reportedly barely covered production and promotion costs. Although the movie was a mixture of new story, homage, comedy, and action that was very reminiscent of what fans expected Stephen J. Cannell would have produced if he had had the budget.

Bradley “Face” Cooper has been speaking about a possible sequel. Overall he sounds doubtful despite spreading word that Bill Clinton, who visited the Hangover 2 set, would like a cameo in A-Team 2. Despite these mixed rumors, Liam “Hannibal” Neeson and Murdock both want back in. Can Carnahan’s commandos crack a come back and swing a sequel soon? Remember that A-Team is now available on DVD and that the IDW trade paperbacks Shotgun Wedding and War Stories are available at comic and book sellers. Be sure to check out the extended cut of the movie on the DVD for a few extra jokes. Wal Mart is currently running a Hot Deals selling A-Team DVDs for as little as $9.00.

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